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Christina Carey

Principal Broker,

Investor, Redeveloper

Christina Carey has extensive experience as a licensed agent, AND as a creative, problem-solving investor.

Location: Dayton / Cincinnati, OH


Call: (937) 709-3355

Christina is an avid, creative, and well-rounded real estate entrepreneur. She obtained her real estate sales license in 2010, in the midst of one of the biggest real estate downturns in history.


Frustrated by the difficulty of finding a brokerage that "fit" a real estate investor's myriad goals, she often thought it would be better to just create one herself. So, in early 2015 she obtained her Broker's license to do exactly that, and Outside The Box Real Estate was officially open for business.


Today, as the investor-friendly broker she wished she could have found early on, she serves the myriad needs of those who are investing in Ohio from all across the country, as well as those who are here locally. In addition to her investment knowledge and experience, her clients appreciate her integrity, directness, and problem-solving skills.


Christina welcomes entrepreneurial investor/agents who possess similar qualities and ambitions to inquire about joining the company.

Max Wechter

Agent, Investor

Location: Dayton & Cincinnati


Call: (513) 549-7890

Max comes to us from sunny San Francisco, where he opened and successfully ran his own coffee shop, before heading here to the midwest. Currently residing in the Dayton area, his business skills and by-the-numbers approach to real estate are an invaluable asset to his clients. 

Max is excited to use his knowledge and skills to assist buyers seeking an investor-oriented agent to help them achieve their real estate investment goals. 

Nancy Thomas

Agent, Investor

Jerry Crutchfield

Agent, Investor

Location: Dayton, OH


Call: (937) 719-2773

Jared Korman

Agent, Investor

Jared Korman - agent and real estate investor.

Location: Dayton


Call: (888) 926-4748

Jared was exposed to real estate at a young age, while riding around with his grandmother to meet clients and other investors. His grandmother was a real estate agent and investor for most of her working life, and Jared was able to gain much insight when he spent summer breaks visiting with "Gram". 


Making his first real estate investment purchase at age 24, he began his real estate career as an absentee landlord while serving abroad in the United States Air Force. He was intrigued by the unique value the Midwest has to offer real estate investors and began acquiring a small portfolio in the Dayton market. Eventually, Jared decided to quit his corporate job in Los Angeles and move to Dayton to focus on real estate full-time.


Jared is here to assist buyers and sellers of all types, but his main focus is working with other investors. His knack for identifying value driven real estate investments will surely benefit clients and investors alike.

Meet The Team TeamMember

Eric Mielke

Agent, Investor

Eric Profile Pic.jpg

Location: Dayton


Call: (937) 860-0214

Eric grew up around real estate in beautiful Colorado where he helped his father rehab properties. He was drawn to real estate in the Dayton area where he served in the military as a developmental engineer. He owns real estate investments across three different states, with most of his doors in the Dayton area.
Eric loves helping clients reach their home pursuit and real estate goals. He helps both local and out-of-state investors purchase real estate in the Dayton area while also sharing his expertise on both the residential and commercial markets. His numbers-driven military background and real estate passion combine to provide clients and investors with clear communication, market guidance, and great and lasting value.

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