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FAQ about renting a home from us

How can I qualify to rent a home from you?

Our standards for qualifying are fair and simple:

  • Gross monthly household income must be at least 3x the monthly rent
  • Acceptable proof of income for the entire last three months
  • A reasonable credit history (no utility account collections)
  • Good references from your current and previous landlords, including payment history, housekeeping and property care
  • No eviction actions or felonies within the last 5 years

​Applicants who fall short of the income requirement may still qualify having a cosigner.

How many people are allowed to live in a home?

The maximum number of occupants in a home is limited to 2 people per bedroom.

Can you tell me more about the application process?

Each adult occupant (age 18+) must submit a complete application, with all required supporting documents, and pay a $35 application fee. Then we will process a screening report; contact employers, landlords, and references; and we will verify all information provided on your application.

My application was approved! Now what should I do?

Once your application is approved, all adults must sign the lease and pay the first month's rent to hold the property (hold fee). Once you’ve paid the hold fee, the property is removed from the availability list, and the money you have paid to hold the property is nonrefundable. If you do not pay the funds required to hold the property, it will continue to be advertised, and you risk losing the home to another qualified applicant.

What if I'm not ready to move in yet?

If the unit is move-in ready, your lease must begin within two weeks of the date on which your application was approved. If the home will not be move-in ready within 2 weeks, your lease date will be the same date on which the home is scheduled to be move-in ready.

What if I decide I no longer want the home after I've paid the hold fee?

The first month's rent you pay as a hold fee is your guarantee to us that you will move into the home. If you change your mind for any reason, the money you have paid is not refundable.

When do I get the keys to my new home?

We will give you the keys at the home on your move-in date, provided you have paid your full security deposit and any other move-in charges. The hold fee you paid is applied to the first month's rent. You also must provide us with proof of a current renter's insurance policy, and that all required utility accounts have been transferred to your name.

What are some of the important rules I need to know?

This is not an all-inclusive list, but here are a few:

  • All our properties are non-smoking and drug-free.
  • All rent must be paid online using your Portal (you'll receive access once you're ready to pay your move-in charges) to avoid incurring a processing fee. Rent may also be paid via PaySlip at any CVS or Family Dollar store with the unique PaySlip card you'll receive from us.
  • Pets are permitted in some of our homes, but only with prior written approval. All dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered. Cats must be declawed or have nail caps applied. Other conditions apply.
  • If you or your guest breaks something or damages the property in any way, you're responsible for the cost of repairs.

My current landlord doesn't fix anything - how do I know I won't have the same problem when I move into your property?

We want you to enjoy living in a nice, safe, and clean home for a long time to come. We have a "no slumlord" policy with our property owners, who must agree to normal maintenance and upkeep expenses to make sure your home stays in good repair.