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Current Resident FAQ

How can I pay my rent?

What if my rent payment is late?

A $75 late fee is automatically added to your account if we do not receive your full rent payment by the FIRST calendar day of the month. If you are late but you don’t add the $75 late fee to your rent payment, then the $75 will be deducted from your next rent payment, which will make your payment SHORT, and late again. If your rent is short, you will be in violation of your lease, and you will cause the eviction process to begin. Beginning the eviction process will negatively affect your ability to rent elsewhere in the future.

Something is wrong with my home. How can I get someone to take care of it?

What if I want to move out?

Someone was here for a maintenance issue, but they left without fixing it - why?

What are some of the important rules I need to know?

This is not an all-inclusive list, but here are a few:

  • All our properties are non-smoking and drug-free.
  • All rent must be paid online using your Portal (you'll receive access once you're ready to pay your move-in charges) to avoid incurring a processing fee. Rent may also be paid via PaySlip at any CVS or Family Dollar store with the unique PaySlip card you'll receive from us.
  • Pets are permitted in some of our homes, but only with prior written approval. All dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered. Cats must be declawed or have nail caps applied. Other conditions apply.
  • If you or your guest breaks something or damages the property in any way, you're responsible for the cost of repairs.

How can I get my security deposit back?

Why do I have to pay for water and trash in addition to my rent?

My lease is ending in a few months, but I want to stay longer. What should I do?

Why am I receiving a notice that someone will be coming inside my home?

I want a significant other/friend/family member/roommate to move in with me. Do I need to do anything?

My account shows I owe for a service appointment. What is that, and why am I being charged for that?

When is my rent due?

Rent and all other required payments are due in full on the 1st calendar day of each month. If your payment is received after the 1st, a late fee is automatically assessed.